Comparison of Breville BOV845BSS Vs BOV800XL Toaster Ovens

It’s always tough to choose between two similar toaster ovens of a similar series. Getting a decision might be challenging both of them have been made by a similar manufacturer.

It’s because we can’t compare the reputation, build quality, and some other same factors. To get the correct decision, you have to analyze the smaller details.

It would also help if you saw which of these two Breville toaster ovens have the edge for capacity and power requirements. Thus, it is better suited for the cooking style. So, let’s know the comparison of BOV845BSS Vs BOV800XL toaster ovens.

Difference Between Breville bov845bss and bov800xl

The model of Breville BOV800XL has nine various cooking options. So, you can choose it for different cooking items. These include reheat pizza, roast, bake, and broil. It can make a similar amount of 13-inch pizza or six pieces of toaster slice with space to spare.

When it comes to BOV845BSS, it requires just $20 more investment. And in return, it’ll give you some more features and functionalities. These include the slow roast function and nine cups of the muffin tray. It may look like a slight difference.

But, you can do a lot with this slow cook function. This model, the BOV845BSS, helps you extend your cooking capabilities to manage foods that may be hazardous with no slow cooker.

But, the model BOV800XL allows you to do convection cook in small quantities. For example, chicken breasts, as you familiar with the meat that will get to the right temperature on its interior.

If you’re concern with your budget, the BOV800XL is a bit cheaper than BOV845BSS. But, it offers lots of functionality that you’re seeking in a convection oven. However, if you afford an extra amount, you’ll be happy with the BOV845BSS model.

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A Comprehensive Review Of Breville’s Toaster Ovens

According to our wide research, both of the models of Breville BOV800XL Vs BOV845BSS have great things to say. These include both of the models that come with excellent durability with functionality and style.

You’ll get all these from the behind artistry of Breville. They allow cooking very well and more often as much as possible. They’re indeed smart ovens, and they eliminate the need for more extensive ranges.

And you know that’s a great plus point in these models. Now, let’s break down both models individually to know which one is suitable for you.

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Breville BOV800XL Smart Oven

The model Breville BOV800XL comes with a standard design to accommodate a superior toaster and convection cooking combination in a single unit. It has two different colors: a bright cherry red and a timeless stainless.

Moreover, you’ll get a limited warranty on the product and its 3 accessories. The accessories include a non-stick pizza pan and two enamel baking pans.


The Breville BOV800XL comes with a robust fan’s feature to rapidly flow and elevate heat when it’s repressing denser and colder air. You’ll be able to reduce your cooking time by about 30%. It has nine cooking functions.

These include cookies, toast, pizza, bagel, roast, bake, reheat, broil, and keep warm. Because it has 1800-watt cooking power, it makes things possible to more dominant than the current microwave. Also, this package comes with three different cooking accessories.


The BOV800XL has a great design and style. Indeed, the oven has two classic colors. And it features an interior of nonstick that opposes discoloration and is simpler to clean. It has Element IQ moves of Breville so that it heats around effectively.

As a result, you’ll get better outcomes each time you cook something. Along with dial control knobs, the oven has a bright LED that provides choices and functions. This is suitable for those who have a bit tight budget and don’t need a slow cooking function.

Breville BOV845BSS Pro Smart Oven

The Breville BOV845BSS model is nothing but a bit upgrade from its previous model. It indeed has the same size and capacity. But, it comes with an extra feature that may worth buying this model. It’s slightly costly by about $20. However, it may appeal to you.


It has all the features its previous one has and an extra one is ‘slow cook.’ With this oven, you can cook an entire chicken without drying it. Also, you’ll not be at risk of lower quality of its interior temperature.

Like it previous one, it also has 1800-watt that are powerful enough for hear mover. It has four accessories, including one pizza pan, an oven rack, and two enamel pins.


The Breville BOV845BSS is available in 3 classic colors: black, cherry red, and stainless. With this Smart Element IQ to dispense heat equally and avoid under or overcooking, it has a standard toaster oven design.

Coming with a powerful fan allows the oven to repress cold air and bring up hot air required for evenly cooking.

Which Breville Toaster Oven to Choose Among BOV800XL Vs BOV845BSS?

Now, the question is which Breville toaster oven to choose among BOV800XL Vs BOV845BSS. It’s vital to know that you should leave a better size space between these two models and something else. If you don’t do it, you might be at risk of overheating.

After a long time of debates, we have decided that the Breville BOV845BSS model is better to buy than the BOV800XL. These two models are almost the same in appearance; they come from the same great technology and brands.

As a result, you’ll the best results when you cook different foods. Although it’s a bit expensive, it comes with the extra feature of the slow cooker. It’s a great feature, and you’ll love it for cooking different types of foods.

The Final Verdict

This is all about the comparison of BOV845BSS Vs BOV800XL toaster ovens. We have cleared that these two models cook the same power, efficiency, and speed.

Also, we have decided that the Breville BOV845BSS model is a bit advanced than another one. It’s because this model has an extra feature along with additional accessories. So, it’s your time to decide which one you’ll go with.



Breville BOV845BSS vs Breville BOV800XL

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