Breville bov900bss vs bov845bss

Breville BOV900BSS Vs BOV845BSS Toaster Oven Quick Comparison

It’s going to be very exciting the comparison of Breville BOV900BSS Vs BOV845BSS. These two ovens are also familiar as smart oven Pro and Smart ovens. As a result, both of them give you a very friendly competition with one another.

We have recently shared content related to some other comparisons, including Breville smart oven pro and smart oven. So, in this content, we’re going to compare Breville smart vs smart oven pro. We’ll know and share which one is the best among these two ovens.

That’s why we’ll compare their features, capacity, functions, specifications, performance. These things will help you decide which one is more suitable for you among these two ovens. Well, let’s get into the article about BOV900BSS Vs BOV845BSS without any further ado.

A Brief About Breville BOV900BSS Smart Oven Air

Breville’s Launched, the BOV900BSS smart oven air is one of the very powerful toaster ovens so far. It’s at rank number one in the list of the best Breville toaster oven reviews. It’s great among all single toaster ovens launched by Breville.

The oven comes with higher-powered features and specifications. After launching in 2017, the oven is still giving authentic contests to many other countertop ovens available in the market. This oven can replace some other kitchen tools.

These may include convection ovens, air fryers, and dehydrators. With a 2-speed fan, this model has equipped with super convection tech. As a result, it will not get in some other toaster ovens of Breville. Also, it’ll not get in some other smart element IQ tech.

It’s because it comes with a 6-quartz heating component. So, it can aid you to decrease the cooking time a great deal. And you may get the food on the table faster. This model also has an exciting feature that you’ll like most.

Those are dehydrated, and fryer features that are fully eliminate the requirement for any other appliances. Because of these features, it allows you to cook the most types of meals in this oven.

A Brief About Breville BOV845BSS Smart Oven Pro

The BOV845BSS smart oven pro is another top-rated toaster oven from the famous Breville. It has made for the place in the list of ‘best Breville convection toaster oven.’ The model is the upgrade version of the BOV800XL smart oven.

This is why it has been named Pro. It’s a convection oven with 1800W that comes with an IQ system. That’s why you don’t have to worry about the food remaining undercooked. Also, it doesn’t take lots of time to prepare food because of its latest IQ technology.

Besides, its convection tech deals out the warmth in this oven equally across five quartz elements for faultless cooking. And you’ll get your food on the table quicker. The oven comes with 10 different cooking features.

These include slices, bagel, roast, cookies, bake, pizza, grill, reheat, slow cook, and warm. You can select from them according to your requirement using its function buttons. Moreover, it has a special feature of auto shut off.

It has a core oven light, and it turns on while opening the door or if the food has been cooked. Also, you’ll find there an auto-eject magnetic rack for the handiness. There is an LCD with a color-changing feature that turns orange if it’s running.

And it becomes blue if the cooking has been completed. You’ll find a large range of temperatures about to 450-degree F. So, it can assist you in preparing various types of food without any flaws.

Difference Between BOV900BSS Vs BOV845BSS

We’re going to know the differences between these two ovens; Breville BOV900BSS Vs BOV845BSS. So, we’ll compare their things. These include features, capacity, functions, specifications, performance.

As a result, it’ll help you decide the best and more suitable one for you among these two ovens. The many features and functions of these two ovens indeed are almost the same. But, there is some dissimilarity as well. So, let’s know the difference between Breville 845 vs 900:

Features & Functionality

The model BOV900BSS comes with 13 features of cooking. And 10 of the features are the same as the other model of this series. This oven has some other cooking features other than its counterpart. These include air dehydrate, fry, and proof. Also, it has a feature of phase cook with this smart oven air.


The Breville BOV900BSS has equipped with a large capacity. It can hold up to 9-slice toasters, 14lbs of Turkey, 12-cup of a muffin tray. Also, it can hold a 9X13-inch baking pan along with 13-inch pizza. But, the BOV845BSS can hold just 13-inch Pizza, 6 slice toaster, roast a whole chicken, and a 9-cup muffin tray.


If you buy the oven of the BOV900BSS model, you’ll need some accessories. The accessories include a net basket stand for dehydrating plus air frying. Also, you’ll get all these accessories with the BOV845BSS model.


Now, let’s talk about their performance. In this case, both of the models use identical tech such as convection tech, smart IQ for cooking. However, in the model of the BOV900BSS, there is a fan with 2-speed settings.

It knows as super convection tech with the heating element of a 6-quartz. Besides, you’ll get a5-quartz with normal convection tech while shopping the BOV845BSS. This is because Breville BOV900BSS is going to be a better model than the Breville BOV845BSS model.


In terms of warranty, Breville BOV900BSS will give a 2-year long warranty. But, you’ll get just a 1-year warranty if you purchase Breville BOV845BSS. That means it’s better to buy the BOV900BSS if you look for a more time warranty.

The Final Verdict

This is all about Breville BOV845BSS Vs BOV900BSS. If you consider the performance, functions, and features, you’ll find Breville BOV900BSS is a better model than BOV845BSS.

But, if you think about price, then the BOV845BSS is the better choice than BOV900BSS. It’s because the BOV900BSS is a bit expensive than BOV845BSS. So, it depends on you which model you’ll choose regarding price and functionality.


Breville BOV900BSS Smart Oven Air vs. BOV845BSS Smart Oven Pro

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