Breville Barista Pro vs touch

Breville Barista Pro Vs Touch – Choose The Best Espresso Machine

Breville provides an espresso machine with compact and stainless steel features. It has become their brand’s iconic appliance for your kitchen. Also, the brand has an extensive array of manual and automatic espresso machines.

But, it has a very famous Barista line to make shop-like coffee at your home. We compared the features of mid-level Breville Barista Pro Vs Touch that’s top-of-the-line.

These will help you determine which one of them is suitable for your kitchen. Going through the below content will enable you to decide the best machine out of these two. So, let’s know about both these models of Breville Barista Pro Vs Barista Touch without making any further ado.

Breville Barista Pro Review

Breville Barista Pro


Barista Pro of Breville is not only an excellent machine to work with. This one is also a great discussion starter! This machine’s features are worthy of praise as their units come with innovative design and higher durability.

If you’re a lover of espresso or someone that likes to get quality coffee, it’s a great choice to invest in this machine. For sure, this Barista Pro should be your first choice if you need to save about $200. And purchase an espresso maker that’s the same as the Barista Pro.

It might be a bit older model that needs some more seconds to be heating up to make coffee with the milk and brew. But, you’ll get a great quality coffee every time you want to use this machine.

Breville Barista Touch Review

Breville Barista Touch


While using a range of Breville drip brewers, espresso machines, and grinders, they seek to make your gourmet coffee simpler at home. Breville takes something high in quality for everybody, from mighty, smart brewers to the ideal espresso machine.

As an old company, Breville is famous for producing espresso machines, grinders, and drip brewers. These machines are embracing usability without no sacrificing their performance.

If you use the Breville Touch, you can prepare the barista that was never simpler. This machine has been designed from streamline to ground-up your coffee experience, from its temp-sensing auto steam wand to a built-in espresso grinder.

Among the new features, the Touch comes with a clear touchscreen and an updated thermocouple design. As a result, it has quicker heat-up times and saves and sets the favorite recipes of drink.

Differences Between Breville Barista Pro Vs Touch Espresso Machines

Although these two machines have some similarities, they have lots of dissimilarities. So, let’s know some differences between Breville Barista Pro Vs Touch espresso machines:

Design & Display

Among others, the quite noticeable and major difference between Breville Barista Touch Vs Pro is their display. They indeed have the same straightforward interfaces. The Touch of Breville brings it up to its new level with the full-colored display with a touchscreen.

However, Barista Pro has buttons in its place on a screen that helps you run off with its different pre-programmed settings for coffee. While making coffee using Barista Touch, it feels like simply buying coffee from the vending machine. And you’ll get great cups of coffee while staying in your home.

Both machines of Barista Touch vs Barista Pro have an inbuilt conical burr grinder. As a result, it allows you to regulate the size and dose of grind for that entirely-bodied espresso. They have a similar water tank as well as a bean hopper with a capacity of 67fl. Oz. and a half-pound, respectively.

Also, you can get two espresso shots at the same time if you like to get a strong kick in the morning. You’ll get Barista Touch just in one color, while the Pro comes in five different elegant colors.

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Both the Pro and Touch of Breville Barista’s espresso machines help you make coffee that may beat the barista. The model of Barista Touch is a top model that allows you to do so in subsequently to no time because of its programmable settings.

The Touch comes with five pre-programmed popular brews. These include espresso, Americano, cappuccino, latte, and flat white. Are you feeling picky? Also, the Touch offers you to tweak its setting to your liking. It saves about eight customized coffee plus temperature settings.

Besides, they also have equipped with the latest 3-sec heating system with ThermoJet. Moreover, both models can heat their water faster to steam their milk and extract their espresso.

Their feature of Digital Temp Control gives you perfect espresso extraction. The extraction system of Breville guarantees a balanced taste in all cups.

Coffee & Milk Quality

As both Barista Pro and Touch models promise to offer you shop-quality coffee, they really deliver it. They have equipped with Digital Temp Control, adjustable grinder, ThermoJet boiler, porta-filter, and well-organized steam wand.

All these work together and make the coffee, and it suits the taste conveniently and quickly. They have steam wands with high performance that helps you make micro-foam milk. It does not just make your cappuccino or latte taste better.

It also allows you to design the coffee art when you pour the milk. When it comes to the Touch model of the Breville Barista, it kicks up a nick with the auto steam wand.

As a result, it allows texture customization and temperature, and making your coffee is precisely the method you desire. The Pro’s steam wand is also powerful, but it doesn’t have an auto feature like Touch.

The Final Verdict

That’s all about the comparison of Breville Barista Pro Vs Touch. It’s time to decide which machine is the best among these two models. The Touch saves you foam while making coffee.

If you get the Touch, it allows you to save coffee settings. Also, you can make a coffee just with a single touch. So, in our opinion, the Breville Barista Touch is the clear winner among these two machines.

But, if your concern is the price, then you can select Breville Barista Pro. It’s because the Touch is a bit costlier than the Pro.



Breville the Barista Pro vs Touch (2021)

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