can we use glass bowl in airfryer

Can We Use Glass Bowl In Air Fryer? Advantages & Precautions

Nowadays, the air fryer is getting popular as an updated kitchen appliance. We all know that this fantastic kitchen item creates a tremendous look for your kitchen. Mostly, it makes the best fries for you. We have already mentioned that it is a new arrival product.

So, there are so many things that you have to know about it. First of all, you have to know: can we use a glass bowl in an air fryer? Also, you have to see the cooking process of the air fryer too. We are getting one common question: which type of bowl they will use for cooking.

Mainly, they ask that can they use a glass bowl for cooking in the air fryer. Here, we will tell you the answer, yes, you can use an oven-safe glass bowl. But there are so many things that you have to keep in mind before you buy a glass bowl for an air fryer.

Mostly, you have to know how you can identify the oven-proved glass bowl. In the below content, we will present all the things step by step. So, let’s go through the below discussion till the end.

Oven Safe or Not: Let’s Check the Glass Bowl

Glass bowl

From the above discussion, you have already known that you can use a glass bowl for cooking anything in an air fryer. Now we will tell you some tips and tricks to select a suitable glass bowl for you. Many consider that choosing a glass bowl is a challenging task. But here, we want to tell you that you can quickly get your one.

First of all, you have to tell the shopkeeper that you want to buy the oven-safe bowl. Also, you can mention that you are looking for a bowl to cook the food in the air fryer. Then they will give you the right products.

Now it’s your time to check the manufacturer level. You will get all the info about the bowl here. Moreover, you will get the using process and what types of food you can cook.

Well, from our point of your customers’ reviews are very vital. And before you buy any items, you have to check the reviews first. That is why we always suggest visiting the Facebook page of the brand. You will get many customer reviews which would be an excellent thing for selecting the best one.

Is Glass Bowl Perfect for the Air Fryer?

Yes, you can use a glass bowl for cooking in the fryer. But here, you have to select a few items it cooks in the air fryer. Mostly, the air fryer is best for fry items. But if one wants to make other food that would also be perfect.

But you have to make sure that the bowl does not have any holes inside it. Usually, people prefer an air fryer to deep fry frozen items or make french fries. So, it will be better to use the frying basket in the air fryer to deep fry the things.

The frying basket comes with holes that help to make your fries crispier. But it would also be perfect if you use a glass bowl. Well, you have to use the grill pan to make the grill items in the air fryer. Well, you can try the aluminum pan in the air fryer.

Also, you have to use the baking pan if you want to make baking items, then you have to buy some baking pan. Many people want to cook everything in one pan. But it is a wrong decision. You have to keep in mind that the perfect pan is very vital for the ideal food.

Is There Any Other Choice?

From the above discussion, you have already understood which types of glass bowls you will use in the air fryer. Mainly, it would help if you had an oven-safe glass bowl and frying basket.

However, many people want to know that they can use any other cookware for cooking in an air fryer. Yes, you can use some other cookware. Many people think that they have to use only a glass bowl. But here, we are assuring you that you can use any cooking pan for cooking in an air fryer.

You have to make sure that the pan is oven-safe. If you want to bake cake or biscuits, you have to ensure that you use the baking pan. Lastly, we will suggest that you do not fill the pan too much while cooking the food. Otherwise, you will not be able to make your food tastier.

What is the Alternative?

Aluminum Pan

Now the question is: can you use aluminum pans in an air fryer? You have already known which cookware will be perfect for you. Also, we have mentioned some alternative ways for you.

There are so many alternative ways available. So we will suggest you research the cookwares. You have to visit different brands’ websites, pages, or customer reviews. It will help you to select the best items. But please buy the items according to your need.

If you love to have fries items, then you can go for the frying basket. If you prefer shallow frying, then go for the oven-safe glass bowl. We often notice that people buy glass bowls or any cooking materials, but they do not take care of them.

As a result, the cookwares become dirty and greasy and after some time, the pan loses its non-stickiness. So, we will tell you to follow the manufactures instruction while using the cookware for long-lasting service.

Also, please use any silicon spatula or spoon to shake the food. It will protect the scratch of the pan. So, you got the answer to the question: can you use an air fryer without a basket?

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How to Keep Glass from Breaking in the Air Fryer?

If you really want to use your glass bowl in an air fryer, there are some precautions that you can take.

  • Don’t change the Temperature suddenly.
  • Look for Structural weakness of the glass.
  • Use Tempered or Oven-Safe Glass.
  • Avoid high temperatures.

To enjoy your food, get a new oven-safe glass bowl that you can use in your air fryer easily.


You learned most about the answer to the question: can we use a glass bowl in the air fryer. Now we are at the end of this content, and we hope you get all the info about the air fryer cookware.

So, if you need to buy any glass bowl for your air fryer, then first talk to the shopkeepers and select your items. And then, you have to check the manufacturing level to get the details about the pan. Hopefully, you will get an excellent pan if you follow today’s tips.

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