how to clean a camelbak water bottle

Best Way To Clean A Camelbak Water Bottle- Step By Step

Today on this content, we will talk about how to clean a Camelbak water bottle easily. Everyone knows that water is very vital for human health. So, everyone should drink water wherever they are. Well, nowadays people go outside for their work purpose.

And they must carry water with them. You may think that people can get water from their job station. Yes, it is true, but you should take water with you from our point of view. And that is why you need the best quality water bottle.

Here, we will suggest you go for the CamelBak bottle. Also, in the below discussion, you will get the cleaning process of this fantastic water bottle. So, let’s get started to learn how to clean the Camelbak bottle!

CamelBak Water Bottles: Best Ways to Clean It 

The CamelBak Company is California-based, and it is famous for the best quality water bottle. There are various functional water pots available in CamelBak. All the bottles are different in their ways. Some are small, and others are big.

The CamelBak provides some unique water bottles for the kids. However, all the bottles require different cleaning processes. To get all the cleaning processes, read the below segment.

Detergent and Hot Water

To eliminate odor from your bottle:

  • Use detergent and warm water.
  • Make a mixture and pour it into your bottle.
  • Use one bottle brush and rub your bottle gently.

After that, clean with cold water. Here you have to be very careful while removing the particles of detergent. Once you clean the bottle and then wait till it becomes dry.


Vinegar is another excellent item that can clean your water bottle properly. Now you may ask that how to make this cleaning solution. Here, you need to take some warm water into the water bottle and add some vinegar.

It will be better if you leave the bottle overnight. Or it would help if you waited for 3 to 4 hours to get a better result. Now it is time to shake that bottle and wash it with a brush and detergent. After that, wash it with normal water.

Baking Soda

Just take some baking soda into the bottle and add warm water. Then follow the cleaning mentioned above process.

Tabs of CamelBak Cleaning 

The CamelBak provides some cleaning tabs that are very effective in keeping your bottle odor-free and clean. However, you have to use all these tabs after cleaning your bottle with detergent and warm water.

Mouthwash (Anti-bacterial)

Now we will present an anti-bacterial cleaning process for your water bottle. You may be surprised that the mouthwash can clean the bottle amazingly. Also, you have to follow some easy steps to clean the water pot with mouthwash.

Well, pour some mouthwash into the water pot and then shake. After that, you have to use detergent and a brush to clean it properly.


Now we will present another great idea to clean your water bottle. In this process, you have to freeze your bottle. When you make your bottle freeze, then the cold temperature will kill the bacteria. But you have to clean the bottle with detergent and warm water once it becomes routine.

Cleaning Process of Chute Plastic Bottles

From the above, you already know that the CamelBak has various water bottles, and they all require different cleaning methods. So, we will try to present individual cleaning methods for individual bottles. Here, we are talking about the CamelBak Chute Plastic bottles.

First of all, you have to remove the sting valve and straw. Then add some warm water with detergent and use a brush to clean. After that, you can add some baking soda and keep the valve and straw in the bottle. Then shake for few seconds and then wash with clean water. It’s how to clean Camelbak straw.

Cleaning Process of CamelBak Podium Water Bottle

The podium water bottles are dishwasher-safe. So, you do not need to use some other solutions to clean this bottle. First of all, you have to separate all the things from the bottle, like the drinking nozzle.

After that, put some dishwasher on a soft scrubber and then gently rub the bottle and other parts. Then use water to clean the bottle. This is how to clean the CamelBak podium.

Cleaning Process of BETTER and EDDYTM Water Bottles 

The Better and Eddy water bottles are a little bit different from others. They come with a big bite valve. But we will share some techniques that will help you to clean the bottle easily.

When you tend a water bottle, it is vital to remove the valve, including the straw. So, first, do this thing and then use warm water with detergent. Then brush your bottle gently and clean with the water.

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Best Ways to Clean CamelBak Groove Bottle

The groove bottle comes with one carbon filter, and it does not require a dishwasher. So it is very vital to remove the filter before you clean the groove bottle. Well, you can use hot soapy water to clean this bottle.

Here, we will suggest you clean the filter only use regular water. Or you can put the filter into vinegar with water and then shake it for few seconds. And then wash it with normal water.

Cleaning Process of CamelBak Kid Water Bottle

Well, you have to be very careful when you wash the kid’s items. So, when you clean a kid’s water bottle, you have to more cautious. Firstly, remove the valve, including the straw, and then clean the bottle with soapy water.

Just follow the above cleaning methods. Lastly, you have to wash the bottle with clean water so many times to remove soapy particles nicely.

Additional Tips

From the above, you already know the cleaning process of the CamelBak bottles. But one thing you have to ensure that you are leaving the bottle after cleaning for drying. Ensure that there is no air and water is locked into the bottle.

Final Verdict 

At the end of the content, we hope that you learned how to clean a CamelBak water bottle correctly. It would help if you always kept in mind that washing the bottle with clean water is not correct.

You have to clean the bottle with suitable items and in a perfect manner. Hopefully, from now you will not hesitate to carry water with you everywhere.



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