How To Clean Cast Iron Grill Pan

How To Clean Cast Iron Grill Pan In 5 Different Easy Ways

Almost any American family can’t think their kitchen is having not a cast iron grill pan. A cast iron grill pan’s cleaning process is indeed a little bit different to clean than other items in your kitchen. But, it’s undoubtedly not so complicated to clean.

When you find out how to clean your cast iron grill pan, you can do it faster after seasoning the surface properly. Don’t forget that the single way of using the cast iron grill pan extensively with no harmful contact on the health.

Also, your meal taste is to continue it dirt-free and look after it correctly. So, let’s know how to clean cast iron grill pan in the best ways.

How To Clean Cast Iron Grill Pan

cast iron grill pan

Before you use a grill pan, you should wash it with soapy water. After that, you have to rinse it thoroughly and use a paper towel for drying it. Then, equally use a thin covering of oil in its bottom. Keep your cookware in an oven and heat that one up to 205-degree C (400-degree F) for one hour.

When you have cooled it slowly, you should consider that the pan has seasoned enough and that’s ready to cook. The single thing you have to do at some point is to wipe down the grill pan after each use while it’s still somewhat warm.

You should avoid using a wire or steel brush to leave smaller metal elements from finishing up on the facade and moving to the food. Let’s know what you should do.


Before you use it to get ready for your meal, always begin with cleaning the pan. It would be best if you did it by your hand as this has not suggested keeping the grill pan of cast iron in a dishwasher.

But, it’s good to use a little bit of soap. You’ll find some great methods of washing your cookware that we’re going to talk about.


After washing your grill pan, you should dry it. In this case, you should use a paper towel or a clean and dry cloth to avoid rust.


When you have dried your grill pan, it’s time to use cooking oil by rubbing it on your pan surface. You can do it nicely using a paper towel. This will help you to make a useful coating with no oil residue on its surface.

Some Of The Best Ways To Clean The Cast Iron Grill Pan

Here we’re going to learn how to take care of cast iron grill pan:

1. Boiling Water

You always should avoid keeping this type of grill pan in your dishwasher. In almost all cases, hot water is a great thing to clean this type of grill pan of cast iron. Don’t forget that this method is just applicable when you get a replica with its high sides.

Toss warm fat in the garbage. Avoid dispensing this down the drain that will help you to avoid clogging. Moreover, this is an ecologically objectionable solution that has given fat is an essential pollutant of flowing water.

Pour 2/3 drops of water in your pan and put it on your stove. You have to keep it boiling until its food particles begin floating on its surface. After that, take a spatula and remove its burns grease along with food stuck off its ridges.

Keep the pan for cooling while spilling filthy water down its drain. Wash this well using warm water and then rub out the food leftovers using a paper towel.

2. Salt & Water

As you want to put the hardened surface intact, this is great to wash your grill pan of the cast iron with salt rather than detergent. The coarse kosher salt is an excellent abrasive cleaning solution to remove food leftovers from its pan surface.

Pour its grease off and let the pan to be cool down to the feel after use. Use salt to cover its surface and include some boiled water to make a good paste. Scrub between its ridges and all its corners and sides and use a nylon or sponge brush. You can put more salt if you think it essential.

After that clean, it is using warm water and do it again if necessary. Then dry it using towel paper and reestablish its season before you store the cookware. So, this is another way how to care for cast iron grill pan.

3. Salt With No Water

Some chefs keep away from using water to clean their grill pan to avoid rusting. You have the option to clean the cookware using salt with not pouring water inside it if you get the same outlook or get no use to water.

Sprinkle the pan’s bottom with a pinch of essential salt and wipe it above food waste using a paper towel. You can use a bit more salt if you need it and keep rubbing until you clean its whole residue. Clean out the grime with a fresh paper towel.

4. Soap & Water

Method #1

Many chefs avoid using soap and water to wash their cast iron grill pots to prevent corrosion. However, when handled properly, it is a crucial way to extract food scraps from the grids. Please remember that you can strip all the savoring seasoning with water from the floor, so you can avoid this washing method wherever possible.

Place the soap between the pan crusts, apply a little warm water and start scrubbing with a sponge or scrubber. Rinse the cookware and repeat it with warm water. Be careful to wash from the surface any soap left.

Method #2

Another method is to apply heated water to a plastic bucket. One teaspoon of fluid per gallon of water is needed. Take a sponge or cleaner and then dust the casserole. Wash its surface with hot water and thoroughly dry with a towel or cloth.

5. Cast Iron Brush

It’s not tough to clean the grill pan using a cast iron brush after use. This way, it’ll help you expand these cooking items’ lifetime without changing their foods’ taste. Keep your pan to cool down for about ten minutes. And then take out the food leftovers from it as much as possible.

If you use a little warm water, you’ll be able to remove hard leftover with ease. Finally, dry its surface in detail using a paper towel. Also, wipe it using some oil that will prevent corrosion and keep hold of the seasoning. These are how to clean cast iron grill.

Dispose of Rust from a Cast Iron Grill Pan

Clean Cast Iron Grill Pan

Removing rust from your grill pan is vital. And it’s essential to do as early as possible whenever you find them. Use one of the below two methods:

Lemon Juice & Baking Soda

Use a plastic scraper to clean as much rust as you can. Then, create a paste using one cup of baking soda along with lemon juice of a tablespoon. Use this paste on the affected areas and cover this with its plastic wrap.

Keep it for about a 24-hour, and then rub your pan using a stiff-bristled brush. Rinse along with re-season the cookware finely after taking away all the rust to trace.

Q12 Rust Remover

Try to clean a brush from most surface corrosion. Apply a Q12 coat with a paintbrush between both grids. Let the agent sit down and rinse the bowl carefully with running water for at least 15 to 20 minutes.

Clean the skillet until it is rinsed again with a non-solvent cleaner and sponge. Finally, pour some oil on the surface and clean with a towel or cloth.

Tips To Maintain A Cast Iron Grill Pan

Dishwasher: As you already know, a grill pan of cast iron is not the type of cookware that’s dishwasher friendly. A grill pan will possibly rust after some use, while some nonstick grill pans stay with no defensive hardening after this type of cleaning.

High Heat: Fortunately, grill pans of cast iron can take higher temperatures. So, you can get ready the food on the unwrap flame.

Metal Utensils: If you have a pan without nonstick coating, you have to avoid metal utensils. This is to do when you cook to prevent rust on its surface. Besides, plastic will not damage the pan.

Steel Scrubbers: Always avoid using still steel wool on your grill pan to prevent all types of damage to its surface. Wash this using nylon or rubber scrubbers instead.

Lid: You should avoid storing the pan with a lid on to put trapping off damp from its air inside. The outcome will almost certainly be the look of rust on the cookware.

The Bottom Line

That’s all about how to clean cast iron grill pan. However, don’t forget that the process you apply to clean the grill pan of cast iron is not very crucial. This is vital to be reliable with its after-cooking care. Thus, the pan will be well conserved extensively.



How Do I Clean My Cast Iron Grill Pan?

How to Clean a Cast Iron Grill Pan

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