Hamilton Beach 31126 vs 31127

Hamilton Beach 31126 vs 31127: Which Toaster Oven Is Best?

It’s going to be very exciting the comparison of Hamilton Beach 31126 Vs 31127. It’s because these two toaster ovens come with great competition from one another.

Both of the toaster ovens have similar features that make it difficult to understand which one is the best among Hamilton Beach 31126 and Hamilton Beach 31127. That’s why, in this content; we’re going to discuss the similarities and dissimilarities of these two toaster ovens.

It’ll help you find the best one for you by comparing their functions, features, performance, specifications, etc. So, you’ll be able to buy the best one from these two ovens.

Quick Comparison Of Hamilton Beach 31126 vs 31127 Toaster Oven


Specifications Hamilton Beach 31126 Oven Hamilton Beach 31127 Oven
31126 31127
Dimensions 16.75 x 10.76 x 19.76 inches 15.24 x 18.74 x 9.41 inches
Weight 5.99 pounds 11.4 pounds
Cooking Functions Bake, broil & toast functions Bake, broil & toast functions
Convection Yes No
Digital Display No No
Interior Light No No
Front-Access Crumb Tray Yes Yes
Easy-to-Grip, Contoured Knobs Yes Yes
Capacity 9” x 11” bake pan, 6 slices of toast & 12” pizza. 9” x 11” bake pan, 6 slices of toast & 12” pizza.
Timer 30 minutes with auto shutoff, ready bell with an additional stay on set. 30 minutes with auto shutoff, ready bell with an additional stay on set.
Accessories One bake pan and One bake rack with two rack positions. One bake pan and One bake rack with two rack positions.

Similarities Between Hamilton Beach 31126 vs 31127

First off, let’s know about some similarities between the Hamilton Beach 31126 and 31127 toaster ovens:


While using these two models of the Hamilton Beach 31127 and 31126, both allow you to cook many things. These include broil, bake, toast, and utilize its convection setting.

You can bake ideally for cakes, and they broil meat perfectly. Also, their convection setting has wonderful when you want crisp finished food. They reduce the time of cooking up to 25 percent.


Both of the toaster ovens come with a minimum temp of 150ºF, and it increases by 50ºF setting to 450ºF. Both ovens have a bottom and top heating feature. So, these are great temp for cooking almost anything in the home.


Both of the models, the Hamilton Beach 31126 manual and the Hamilton Beach 31127, have the timer. It allows you to set timers for about 30 minutes. And when it’s done, its bell will let you know it. Also, they have the option of auto-shutoff for their timer.


These two models come with two baking trays that allow you to cook up to 12-inch of pizza. Also, they have sufficient space inside the units, and you can cook six pieces of bread to toast. That means both of them to have enough capacity to cook something.

Roll-Top Door

With their design of these two models, you’ll never need to clumsily equilibrium baking trays when you check the food or include ingredients. They come with a roll-top door for easy use. That means you need not spill something on the oven door. Also, this is a great design that saves some space on your countertop.

Simple To Clean

Due to their door design, both of the models are very simple to clean. Most importantly, their doors are removable. They also have removable crumb trays, and you can wipe them clean with ease.

What’s Included

Whether you choose the model of Hamilton Beach 31126 or the Hamilton Beach 31127, it’ll come with a 9X11-inch backing and a baking tray with it.

Value for Money

The price of a countertop oven starts at about $50, with top-end versions of about $240. There are just a few $ differentials between them, and Hamilton Beach 31126 and Hamilton Beach 31127 are below normal values in the medium range.

They have a 1-year guarantee as well. The specifications have just one distinction. It is very subtle and may not be necessary to sway your judgment.

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Differences Between Hamilton Beach 31126 vs 31127

If you look at these two toaster ovens, you’ll not find any big difference. You’ll find three-dial knobs are out there when it’s time to choose settings. Also, they have a big handle on their door and a power light.

Both of them have made of stainless steel. But, they’re not precisely identical in their size. Now, let’s know what the difference is between their sizes.

Hamilton Beach 31126 Toaster Oven

Hamilton Beach 31126 Toaster Oven

The measurement o the oven is (16.75X10.76X19.46) inches, and it weighs just 5.99 lbs.


  • The oven heats up nice and quickly and cools down fast too.
  • It does a fantastic job on frozen and fresh pizzas.
  • There is an impressive amount of space inside.


  • The oven gets very hot and you need to be careful.

Hamilton Beach 31127 Toaster Oven

Hamilton Beach 31127 Toaster Oven

The measurement o the oven is (15.24X9.41X18.74) inches, and it weighs just 11.4 lbs.


  • Smooth to apply, hold & smooth.
  • Equipped bell, timer with an auto-shutoff function for convenience.
  • Huge temperature range.
  • Space sufficient to fits 6 slices of bread and 12-inch pizza.
  • Add-ons – one bake pan and one bake rack with rack positions.


  • Receives too warm even as running.
  • No convection technology.

Which One Is Better Among Hamilton Beach 31126 vs 31127?

If we consider the functions, features, price, and performance, Hamilton Beach 31126 is better than Hamilton Beach 31127 oven. It’s because all of the functions and features are almost the same in these two models.

But, Hamilton Beach 31126 model comes with the latest convection technology that you’ll not find in the 31127-model. So, we decide that Hamilton Beach 31126 is the best option for you if you want to buy one of them.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, let’s know some frequently asked questions along with their answers.

Is There Anything Good To Use Hamilton Beach Toaster Oven?

Yes, you’ll get many benefits if you use the Hamilton Beach toaster oven. It’s because this is a reliable and popular company.

What Is The Price Of Hamilton Beach Oven Cost?

The price of Hamilton Beach 31126 or 31127d is approximately $70.

How Can You Preheat A Hamilton Beach Toaster Oven?

You should plug in the power cord in the outlet and set 450°F of temp and keep it for 8/9 minutes to preheat.

The Bottom Line

This is what we compare in the Hamilton Beach 31126 Vs 31127 toaster ovens. Initially, we have to say that both of them have great the roll-top door. Both of them are great in design which is why they’re both extremely user-friendly.

These two models have some space In front of to place plate. And it’s useful to slide out the food. It’s also beneficial to check the food inside while cooking in it. The flexibility of both ovens is appreciated. When we tried to make cookies and cakes, we did it successfully.

Also, we tried toast which was nice color as well. Besides, the boiled steak got a better tender texture. When it comes to a convection oven, has made things easy to reheat leftovers and cook frozen foods.

All of the features, performance, and other things are the same in these two ovens. But, it differs in its weights and convection technology.



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