how long does chicken salad last in the fridge

How Long Does Chicken Salad Last? Are You Freeze It?

Advance food processing is the system many people do to make both for daily life and large gatherings. But, you can’t keep some foods like some others. So, this is very common to ask: how long does chicken salad last in the fridge?

A chicken salad that you have made at home will usually last from 3 to 5 days if you keep it in your refrigerator. Also, it would help if you kept it in a refrigerator in a suitable, airtight container.

If you want to maximize its shelf life, store it in an airtight container to refrigerate for two hours after preparing. We recommend that you should avoid freezing chicken salad that has made with mayonnaise.

The other parts of this content will give you a closer look at chicken salad’s shelf life. Moreover, you’ll get answers to some questions that you’re thinking about in your mind. So, let’s know: how long is chicken salad good?

Firstly, Let’s Clear How Long Does Chicken Salad Lasts

chicken salad last in the fridge

The best thing about the chicken salad is that it’ll just last on condition the quickest-spoiling ingredient. It’s the safest timeframe to store the chicken salad in the refrigerator is 3 days.

That’s why cooked chicken salad is usually best for 3 days while storing in the fridge in an airtight container. Two key variables that influence the right time for your chicken salad will remain fresh:

The Temperature

If you want to maximize the time, you should keep chicken salad in the refrigerator just within 2 hours of making it. Bacteria start to reproduce between 40°F and 140°F. So, home-produced salad excluded at any hot temperature should discard after 2 hours.

Things You Store It In

It’s great to utilize an airtight container to store your homemade chicken salad. It’ll prevent your salad from getting odors in your fridge. Thus, it’ll prolong the storage time. Some aluminum foil or plastic wrap will give one to you if you do have not any lid.

Is It Possible To Freeze Chicken Salad?

Yes, you can. But, it depends on the things you have made this with. You can’t freeze mayonnaise well. As a result, if it has been made with mayonnaise, you should avoid freezing it. It’s because mayonnaise becomes split if you freeze it, and it produces lots of water.

You can be capable of freezing it if you have just used a small portion of mayonnaise. Pour off if there is water after melting. And it has pure mayo or a little other dressing along with some cornstarch. It’s to freshen this up.

Pro Tips: When you’re freezing, store-bought mayo is excellent. And ensure to melt in the fridge instead of the counter or microwave.

Does It Last Longer If You Use Canned Chicken To Make Chicken Salad?

No, it’s not. If you use canned chicken, it’ll not increase its salad’s shelf life. It just lasts about 3 to 5 days if you store it in the refrigerator once opened, while the chicken in a can itself may last about three years, once opened.

Can You Put Chicken Salad In A Can?

Typically speaking, you should avoid storing chicken salad in a can. It’s because May is a mixture that will fall apart if you heat them. It’ll happen when you go through the canning process.

Also, this will make your chicken salad worse that you’ll not like to eat it. It might be in a pouch or a can; prepackaged salad usually comes with little mayonnaise than fresh ones.

Also, it lasts until the jar of mayonnaise will when sealed. Once you open it, this will last about 3 to 5 days, as it has said previously. That’s about: how long does chicken salad last?

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What Are Alternatives to Give Mayonnaise In Chicken Salad?

chicken salad

Some alternatives are out there to use rather than mayonnaise for your chicken salad. These include:

Yogurt: It’s a great alternative to mayonnaise. And you can use it in salads plus dressings. If you use Greek yogurt, you’ll find it thicker than some other ones. Also, you’ll get a probable result in an earlier texture equivalent.

Vinaigrette: If you use a vinaigrette, it’ll make your chicken salad as lighter as brighter along with a bit more sophisticated. It’s mainly when you utilize a vinaigrette or citrus-based.

Nut Cream: When you use a nut cream, it’ll give you a different engages the conventional chicken salad. It’s very often used in cashew cream and raw diets that you can make at home.

And you can give an alternative to mayonnaise when you use it with ingredients of citrus-based. But, it’s not good for it as your clock still ticks on your chicken salad. If you use one of them, it’ll not help you extend your storage time for the salad.

How Can You Understand If Your Chicken Salad Has Gone Bad?

Several ways are out there to understand if your chicken salad has gone bad.


Try to find if there is and change in appearance or discoloration. Do you see your salad dry in spots? Is there the chicken or some other ingredients that have discolored or darkened?

Do you find it excessively moist or slimy? If you find any of these indications, you have to discard your chicken salad.


If you find any unpleasant odor in your salad, you should throw it out. The odor may result from the salad lifting odors via a change from some other refrigerator items.

Also, it may be the outcome of any of the elements having spoiled. In any way, if you find any unpleasant smell, you should discard it.

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Final Thoughts

This is what you’re looking for: how long does chicken salad last in the fridge. You learned from this blog that you can store a chicken salad in the refrigerator for 3 to 5 days if you store it in an airtight container.

Also, its shelf life depends on some factors that you have learned above as well. So, you got the answer to the question: how long is chicken salad good for in the fridge?

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