How To Clean A Coffee Maker With Bleach

How To Clean A Coffee Maker With Bleach-Expert Explained

Are you a coffee lover? Or, do you prefer a cup of coffee to stress out yourself? If yes, then you may use a coffee maker to make perfect coffee easily. But do you know how to clean a coffee maker? It may be yes or not.

We talked with many people, and most of them told us that they do not regularly clean their coffee makers. And few of them even know the ways to clean the coffee maker. However, in today’s discussion, you will get why you should clean the coffee maker regularly.

And why it is so vital for hygiene and your health as well. Moreover, we will provide some easy cleaning tips to clean your coffee makes. Most ingredients you will get from your kitchens such as baking soda and vinegar.

When you need to understand how to clean the coffee maker with bleach, keep your eyes on the below content. So, let’s start and know how to clean a coffee maker with bleach!

Why Should You Clean The Coffee Maker Regularly?

clean coffee maker

Here, we will try to explain the reasons for cleaning your coffee maker. First, we will talk about why you may not pay attention or clean the coffee maker. Nowadays, people are so busy with a different purpose.

As a result, they do not have enough time to focus on many things in their everyday life. For example, they do not get time for clean kitchen tools, kettles, and coffee makers. Even you may forget to take the garbage out.

However, you have to keep time to do these sorts of tasks. Now, we will talk about why you have to clean the coffee maker regularly. The unlimited mold and yeast grow in the coffee maker, as stated by the NSF in 2012.

Also, they said that the unclean coffee maker is dirty more than the toilet seats and door handles. It sounds quite scary. To have a coffee without germs, you have to follow some cleaning hacks that you will get below.

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Best Ways to Clean the Coffee Maker With Bleach

Well, from the above, you have already know the importance of cleaning the coffee maker. Now you have to know how to do this easily. Here, we will present some tips to clean the coffee machine with bleach.

Besides, you will find some great ingredients that will make your cleaning task easy and fast. So, without any further talk, let’s focus on the cleaning hacks.

Step 1

We all know that the first things are always first. So, when you consider cleaning the coffee maker with bleach, you must follow some necessary steps. The bleach is very tough stuff. If you pour the bleach inside the coffee maker for a long time, it may oxidize and damage the maker.

As a result, you have must say goodbye and spend money to buy another coffee maker. Now you may ask that then why we are presenting bleach as cleaning stuff. Well, we can explain it to you! Mainly, the bleach is suitable to remove hard and stubborn stains.

So, you have to keep in mind that you are using bleach for removing the machine’s stain. Also, use bleach when you want to remove stains from the coffee maker’s exterior and glass pot. So, first, you have to remove the glass pot (carafe) from your coffee maker.

Mostly, you have to ensure that the machine is empty. After that, put bleach inside of your coffee maker. Make sure that you are spreading the bleach all over the outside and inside walls. Do not leave the bleach at the lowest part of the machine.

Now, you have to leave the coffee maker for 30 minutes in a safe and well-ventilated area. Mostly, you have to keep it in such a place where your children cannot reach it. Hopefully, up to this instruction, you have no more confusion to do this. So, let’s go to the next step!

Step 2

After placing the coffee maker in one safe place with bleach, you have to clean other machine things. Well, many commercial cleaning items are available to clean these sorts of items. But if you do not spend money on these products, you can go for the best alternative.

We’re speaking about baking soda and vinegar. These simple home items will help you clean the coffee machine’s internal items without oxidizing them that the bleach cleaning does. Indeed, they are very safe to clean the sensitive parts of the coffee maker.

Step 3

After cleaning the coffee machine inside, we need to think about the coffee pot as it is structurally separate from any outside contact. So, you can leave it without your touch. It is safer and hygienic.

On the other hand, you can clean the outer surface of the coffee machine. To do so, first, you need to put gloves on your hand. Then, add some bleach with a pot of water. After that, take a cloth or sponge to clean the surface of the coffee machine. So, dip the cloth or sponge into the water mixer. Then wipe the surface smoothly.

If still some stain stuck hardly, put some bleach on it, then rub with cloth smoothly. Finally, clean the whole surface with normal water. After cleaning, wipe with a dry cloth the whole surface area.

Step 4

The inside of the coffee pot needs to clean first with bleach. After cleaning with bleach water, four or five times, cleaning with regular water is necessary. So, no bleach residue will remain inside. It is vital to wash out the bleach particle before starting the next level of cleaning.

After that, add dish detergent with water. Put on gloves and take one cloth or sponge. Clean the inside wall of the pot with the rub. It is important to remember that scratch would be a significant problem as bacteria can live there.

So, avoid using any metal while cleaning the inside of the pot. In the same way, after cleaning with detergent, clean with normal water several times. So, no chemical reside will present inside.

Simultaneously, it might be wise not to use the cloth to wipe finally to dry inside as some parts of the cloth can remain inside and make the cleaning useless. So, could you keep it on the shelf for some time? Finally, it would be dry automatically without doing anything.

Step 5

After getting dry, properly fix the pot to install the coffee machine like a new one. Now, this coffee machine is not only looking good but also producing healthy coffee for one. It may take some time and hard work to clean the coffee machine, but it is worth the service.

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How To Clean A Coffee Maker With Vinegar

Firstly, let’s talk about how you can clean with white vinegar. Mainly, this magical stuff will help to remove the calcium deposit and sediment buildup. Also, it will be beneficial if one lives in a challenging water region.

Moreover, cleaning with vinegar takes less time to clean the tough stain. Indeed, you do not need to spend more and more time on cleaning purposes. You have to follow the same method that you do while making a cup of coffee.

Just pour some vinegar with the water and follow the same that you do to make coffee. So, now it is time to see the magic. But you have to do the same thing with only water at least three times to remove the smell of vinegar.

How To Clean A Coffee Maker With Baking Soda

Aren’t the white vinegar available at your house? Then, do not worry. You have another alternative home ingredient. And that is baking soda. Yes, you are getting right. The baking powder can clean your coffee maker nicely.

So, first, you have to mix the baking powder with the water. Then you have to follow the previous ways like the vinegar method. Once you get the coffee machine clean, then you have to clean it with water.

It will help to remove every particle of baking soda from the jar.

The Bottom Line

Keeping a coffee machine without cleaning for a long time is not suitable for your health? So, it is you need to know how to clean a coffee maker with bleach. As a result, make a schedule for cleaning the coffee machine in your comfortable way.

Suppose you love coffee, then the good looking and tastes matter to you. Like the caffeine, the shiny looks of the machine also give you a good feeling. So, it’s worth some time to clean.

At the same time, the mold, yeast May not be so harmful in the short term but make a potential risk for the long term. Bleach is harmful to hands; do not use it without wearing gloves. Also, the bleach residue should be clean totally. So, make sure several times clean with fresh water after cleaning with bleach.



How to Clean a Coffee Maker

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