how to clean a toaster oven

How To Clean A Toaster Oven-7 Difference Step To Clean

Do you often make pizza or movie-time snacks in your toaster oven? And you’re suffering from the oven’s baked grease? Then today’s discussion is going to help you out with this problem.

Mainly, we will present step by step cleaning process of the toaster oven through this content. Mostly, we will talk about some risk factors as well. We understand that adequately cleaning the toaster oven is a tough job.

But a neat and clean is very required to get a healthy meal. Well, if you follow the proper guidance, then one can clean the oven quickly. So, without any further issues, let’s go through how to clean a toaster oven.

How Often One Should Clean The Toaster Oven

Most of the time, people ask how often they should clean their toaster oven. From our point of view, people are not conscious about cleaning their oven. It seems like they make the food and leave the oven to get the hard stain and grease.

Even people forget to use the lid when they cook food. Well, now let’s talk about how one can keep the oven neat and clean and how often they have to clean it. Firstly, our advice is to check the toaster after cooking every time.

If you notice that some food particles have dropped inside the oven, you have to clean it now. But keep in your mind that you have to leave the oven to cool. Once it comes to the average temperature, then it is ready to clean.

Otherwise, due to the heating elements, your hand can be burn. Mostly, do not use any metal utensils inside the oven. It may cause so many problems. In short, you have to clean the toaster oven after each use to keep it grease and dirt-free.

A To Z Deep Cleaning Process Of The Toaster Oven

clean a toaster oven

If you want to clean the toaster oven deep, you must follow the first to last deep cleaning process. To do this, you have to know some cleaning hacks.

Besides, it would help if you had some cleaning tools as well. For example, dish soap, few rags, small or pastry cleaning brush. Now, let’s get a look at the below to get the cleaning process.


First, you have to unplug the toaster oven before cleaning and ensure that it is cool. Then place the oven in a comfortable place where you can clean it easily. We always recommend putting the oven near the garbage or sink area.

Also, please keep the oven at your comfortable height. Mostly, you have to ensure that you are not immersing the oven unit with water. Also, do not spray the solutions directly in the unit.


After keeping the oven in a secure place, you have to remove all the racks and trays. Then soak them in the cleaning solutions water. Here, our advice is to fill the kitchen sink with hot water and add some dish soap.

Now keep all the removable items in the sink. Instead of the sink, you can use plastic storage or a baby bathtub.


Now it is time to remove every crumb from your oven. First, take one dry rag and try to clean every particle of the crumbs; after that, utilize a smaller brush like a toothbrush to dislodge the chewy crumbs from the corner of the oven.


After removing all the crumbs, you have to use a soapy and wet cloth to wipe the toaster oven’s interior. Here, our advice does not use any hard scrubber that can harm the oven’s non-stick layer.

Also, do not let the heating items wet. However, you have to use one robust scrubber to clean the metallic parts of the toaster.


Once you clean all the crumbs, then you have to remove the racks and trays from the soaking solutions. After that, you have to scrub the remaining grime. Here, you can use a brush to remove the dirt easily.

Well, if your racks are too much dirty and greasy, then leave them for a night in the solutions water. And again, you have to repeat the scrubbing to remove the crumbs.


After cleaning the racks and trays, then leave them to dry. Once they are dehydrated, then place them in your toaster oven. When you don’t get enough time to let them dry, you can wipe them with a dry rag.


Lastly, take a rag and some dish soap. Then wet the rag and rub the outer part of the oven. Once the outside of the oven is clean, then rub them with one dry rug.

Ways to Clean Heating Elements of the Toaster Oven

Firstly, heating elements are a susceptible part of the Toaster Oven. So, it would help if you took extra caution to clean the Toaster Oven’s heating elements. First, Check the electric connection is completed unplugged properly.

At the same time, make sure that every element remains at normal temperature. Any cleaning agent is prohibited from cleaning the heating elements. Also, you need to scrab gently during clean heating elements.

You can use one soft cloth and brush to clean and wipe the details. Mostly, you can use baking soda to remove the stain or hard spot. This is how to clean a toaster oven heating element.

Frequently Asked Question

How Does One Can Clean the Baked Grease from the Toaster Oven?

You can prevent forming any baking grease in your Toaster oven by taking care properly. So that would be the best way to clean after the end of the day’s work.

On the other hand, if there is baked grease in the toaster oven, you can also clean it. First, mix some baking soda with water. Then, spread the solution to the spotted area you want to clean. After that, leave for 5 to 7 hours.

Finally, clean and wipe the area with a soft cloth. You can also use a vinegar solution to remove sticky grease. This is how to clean a toaster oven with baking soda.

How Does One Clean the Toaster Oven’s Glass?

The grease makes the glass the ugliest and dirty look. So, cleaning the toaster oven’s glass is a vital part of cleaning the machine. As for the heating elements, you can use the same method for the glass as well.

First, keep the rest of the glass with baking soda solution for around 5 to 7 hours or overnight. Then, clean and wipe with soft cloths to remove the grease from the glass elements of your oven. Also, add Vinegar solution if there some hard grease.

What is the Inside Cleaning Process of the Electric Toaster?

First, you have to unplug the toaster and then gently shake the oven upside-down. After that, pull out all the crumb racks and wash them with hot soapy water. Now take some vinegar to wipe inside of the oven.

It helps to remove all the small particles and stains. That’s how to clean the Breville smart oven and all other models of the smart oven. But you have to wipe the surface where you apply vinegar with the dry rag. Moreover, one can easily clean the heating items with vinegar. Just take a toothbrush and rub with the vinegar on the things.

Once you clean all the things, give your toaster another shake to let all the items dry. Finally, you have to ensure that all the things are dry before you plug them in the oven. This is how to clean the inside of the toaster oven.

The Bottom Line 

From the above, you have already known how to clean a toaster oven. Also, you get many tips and tricks that will help you to clean your toaster oven easily.

Hopefully, you will clean your oven after use and follow all the instructions.



How to Clean a Toaster Oven

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