IKICH 4 Slice Toaster Review

IKICH 4 Slice Toaster Oven Review And Complete Guide

Do you like the bread toasted? So, this IKICH 4 slice toaster review is for you. And, you can try the IKICH four-slice toasters for your house. The size of this toaster is large enough. Plus, you can toast any type of bread. Even all shapes will fit well in this toaster.

Moreover, you can heat the yummy muffins, teacakes, and sandwiches. Also, the toaster is the best thing for your kitchen. Even you can use it in many ways. Though the toaster is matt finished, you will not have to face any problem while cleaning it.

Easily and quickly, you can clean the toaster. Moreover, the toaster has 3 buttons. Those are the reheat, defrost and cancel. You can press the button cancel, and the toasting process will stop instantly.

However, the button of reheat will start heating the toast if it becomes cold. On the other hand, defrost button will work for the frozen toast.

IKICH 4 Slice Toaster Oven Review

ikich toaster oven

Features & Designs

Therefore, the toaster is made of stainless steel. So, it will look good in all kinds of kitchens. Also, it is large enough, and the design looks excellent. You can set it against the kitchen wall. As the design is too good for the toaster, so, the feature is also good.

Well, you can make 4 pieces of toast at a time. So, it will not take much time to make breakfast for the family. Plus, you do not have to put much effort to make the toast. Once you use the ikich long slot toaster, you will love it.

Setup & Installation

Generally, you will not have to do anything to set up the toaster. Just place it in a suitable place and then plug it in. It is easy and helpful equipment for the kitchen. Plus, it helps you to save time while preparing toast.


Furthermore, using the toaster will be an easy task. Place the bread, then push the start button and wait until it is ready to eat. You will have 6 setting levels in the toaster.

If you start with the middle option of 3.5, then the toast will be golden-brown and perfect to look at and eat—one thing you need to remember is that the facing bread side will be darker. But the opposite side will be less dark. But it will not ruin your toast.

Moreover, the slots of the toaster are not too wide, but it is long. So, you may press the left button or side to worm the toast. Also, it will heat the toast quickly. It is a great option for the ikich 4 slices long slot toaster.

Though, it is better than your microwave. It will not take much time, and easily it will make your toast ready. The feature is too good for the toaster. As you know the toaster has the defrost option. So, you can toast the frozen bread with this option.

Well, if you think it is not too easy, pull out the frozen bread, and try. Once you try, you will become a fan of the toaster. The toast will look like normal bread. This is amazing.

Additionally, next time you try to make toast, you will notice the low heat option will make the toast light golden, and the high option may burn the toast. It is a bit weird. So, you have to press cancel to stop the process. If you toast the normal bread, it will be toast properly. But, if you try the frozen bread for the 1st time, it can create a little issue. Later it will be fine like before. So, there is nothing to worry about anything.

Basically, the toaster is not much suitable for frozen bread. You can toast the frozen bread in it. But it is not too suitable for frozen bread. So, it will depend on you, how you want to use the toaster. Overall the toaster is good. You will like it once you use it.


Extra Features

However, a long slot will have a detachable tray of bread. It is a great option for you. Plus, it is a handy tray to dispose of the crumbs which inevitably accumulate from an Ikich toaster 4 slice.

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What is in this box?

  • The setting card of heat level.
  •  The support card.
  •  English instruction of 5 pages with the manual.
  •  Hardware specs.
  • 4.3 pounds weight.
  •  7.7 inches x 14.6 inches and 6.6 inches dimensions.

Final thoughts

We’re at the end of the IKICH 4 slice toaster review. Well, the IKICH is a fantastic thing. You can enjoy different kinds of toast. Even, it will last for a long time, and easily you can use it.

If you get one of these, you will not feel disappointed. The toaster will help you to make the toast easily and quickly. So, you have nothing to worry about it.


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