Omega NC800 vs NC900

Comparison Of The Omega NC800 vs NC900 Juicer – Which One Is Best?

As a health-conscious person, you must have a juice extractor. The reason is that it’s a simple device that can keep someone healthy. If you want to make juice, the most common food groups are fruits plus green leafy veggies. They’re also well-known as superfoods.

However, it just can make that if you extract the juice. Thus, you can get all the essential vitamins along with other minerals that you want. All these are handily obtainable in a glass. But, all juicers can’t make a superb glass of juice.

In this case, you can choose the Omega juicers that will be the right solution for this dilemma. That’s why this comparison of the Omega NC800 vs NC900 is important to go through.

It’ll help you get additional information that you might be looking for regarding ideal juicers. This will also help you decide which one you should go within the end of the day. So, let’s drive into the article to better insight into choosing the best match for you.

Quick Comparison Omega of Omega NC800 Vs. NC900

Omega NC800

It’ll be useful to know slightly more about the features to get more about these Omega juicers. It looks like they don’t get much distinction from one another by searching it alone.

However, this is a great way to know the facts while going through the comparison. It’s not easy to determine by only knowing this information. But, this is simply a nice way to know the facts when comparing these two juicers.

Similarities Between Omega NC800 Vs NC900

Omega NC900

It’s cunning to get similarities of the two juicers from Omega. This is just about not possible to speak them apart. But, it means they’ll have some distinctions somehow since they’re different in models.

Here, at first, let’s know about their similarities. This will be a nice starting as they come with a lot.

1.Their Look

By their look, Omega NC800 and Omega NC900 are the same juicers. They’re the same in size that makes them about identical. Apart from their inside motors, they’re the same to look at by their handles.

It may make you confused when you see both of them at the same time. It’s because they’re quite similar in their appearance.

2.Chute System

Now, it’s time to compare with their chute systems. And both of them come with a two-way system. The first opening is the place where its juice goes.

There is another opening to the spot where the pulp extracts from. These things indicate that both of their juicing processes are the same.

3.Base System

Both of the juicers come with the same base system as well. It’s arched in type, and you can dismount whenever you need. As a result, it’s another likeness between these two juicers of Omega.

Some juicers come with different bases to differentiate the distinction between them. But this is not the issue for these models of Omega juicers.


When we look for similarities in their accessories, the Omega brand’s two juicers are the same. Both of the juicers have a dual auger system, six nozzles, a juicer jug, a pulp container, and a cleaning brush.

So, it’s possible to interchange these accessories if you have these two juicers. You’ll never see that they’re the accessories that have been made for some other juicer models.


When it comes to wattage, these two juicers of the Omega also work on identical wattage. And it’s 150W. Because they have a similar motor with two horsepower, they’re powerful to use for fruits and veggies that you like to extract.

These two juicers are ready to prepare the best quality juice that surely entertains you.

6.Power Settings

Both of the models of the Omega juicers have the same power settings. You can set it up in five different settings. And it should be better to make juice of your favorite fruits and veggies.

Apart from the settings, they have a similar RPM that makes them quieter than many other juicers. Also, they have an identical dual-stage masticating system.


Like all other features, this NC800 Vs NC900 offers a similar 15-year long warranty. This warranty is for both their parts plus performance. This is great to know that it has backed up with the warranty as you can ensure that anything Omega juicers you choose.

It’ll give you mental satisfaction that you don’t get to be nervous about the juicers breaking down.

Differences Between Omega NC800 & NC900

Despite a lot of similarities, there are some differences between these Omega NC800 and Omega NC900 juicers. Let’s know about them below:


The most stunning difference between these two juicers of the Omega brand is their weight. It’s because the weight of Omega NC800 is 13lbs while the NC900 weight is 17.45lbs.

You’ll be able to realize this difference when you’ll lift them both. Thus, you’ll understand which is which. But, it’s surprising that they’re similar in size.

As per your preference, the weight could be a great point when you like moving the juicer from one place to another in your house.


Color is indeed a minor difference, but it a distinction between these two juicers. The color of the Omega NC800 is silver. But, the color of NC900 is chrome.

However, it’s not simple to catch the color difference as the silver and chrome are almost the same to look at. Indeed, chrome is a bit shinier than silver color among these two juicers.

Apart from weight and color, there is dissimilarity in price as well.

Recommendation On Which Blender to Buy

These two Omega juicer versions are identical in sharp terms. However, based on the offer, we’d make the NC800 the winner. They have both the same traits and presentation.

Moreover, similar to nc900, the nc800 is lightweight, even at the same size. However, suggest Omega NC800 as the next juicer if you have a tight budget.


That’s all about the comparison of omega NC800 Vs NC900. We found one thing clear from this discussion that you can buy any one of them and it’ll not disappoint you anyway.

It’s because both of the juicers have made of the best quality materials. Along with these all, you’ll get a warranty of 15 years.



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