how to remove scratches from knife blade

How To Remove Scratches From Knife Blade Step By Step

Today on this content, we will tell you: how to remove scratches from the knife blades. Usually, if someone does not use the knife for a long time, the knife gets rust.

As a result, people cannot use their knives anymore. Here, we will present some scratches and rust removal tips to help you clean your knife perfectly. So, let’s begin!

What Are The Scratches?

Before you go for removing marks, you have to know what the scratches are. Mainly, iron oxide, another name, is scratched. It is a natural process, and you can remove them as well. So, let’s check how you can remove all those things.

How To Remove Scratches From Your Knife

Remove Scratches From Your Knife

Now the question is: how do you polish scratches out of a knife blade? Most people think that removing scratches is a hassle, and they do not want to clean their knives at all. Here, we will present some simple tips and tell the easy ways.

Now you can ask that how many items you need to remove the scratches. Well, you will get most of the scratches removal at your house. Indeed, scratches removal is a simple thing, but you have to know that good ideas and techniques.

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Ways to Remove Scratches with Baking Soda

Now we will tell you how you can clean the knife with baking powder. You have to follow some simple techniques to remove the stain with baking powder.

Clean the Knife

First and foremost, you have to clean the knife nicely. Before removing scratches, it is very vital to remove the dust. Well, you can take some soapy water and wash the blade with this water. Mostly, you have to take a cloth to rub the knife perfectly.

Make a Paste of Baking Powder

Now it is time to make one magical solution, and that is baking powder paste. Firstly, you have to take one small bowl and then take some baking powder as you need.

After that, add a few drops of water and make a thick paste. However, to make a more powerful paste, you can add a few drops of lemon juice too. After that, you have to spread this paste on the knife and wait for some time.

Scrub with Old Toothbrush

Now is the time to rub your knife. So, take an old toothbrush and rub the knife until you remove all the scratches. Always try to rub on the stain in a circular motion. This method helps to remove the stain so fast.

Use One Abrasive Sponge or Steel Wool 

Your knife mat gets some tough scratches, and removing all of this toothbrush is not enough. That is why we will suggest you go for the steel wool or sponge. And rub the knife gently until the scratches are removed.

Wipe the Knife

Once you remove all the scratches, then you are almost done. Now you have to use water to clean the knife properly. After that, you can use a kitchen towel to wipe the knife and then let the knife stay in the open air for some time. After that, you can keep it in the drawer.

Ways to Remove Scratches with Vinegar 

Vinegar is another excellent item that can remove scratches amazingly. To get the method go through the below segments.

Pour Vinegar in a Pan and Soak Your Knife

First of all, you have to pour vinegar and then soak the knife for some time. The vinegar will help to remove all the stains from the knife.

Once the knife becomes clear, you will understand and, at that time, take out the knife from the vinegar. But if your knife has a minor stain, you can soak a towel in vinegar and then wipe on the stains.

Wipe the Knife Nicely

Once the knife is stain-free, you have to wash it with clean water and then wipe it properly.

Ways to Remove Scratches with WD-40

Now we will tell you that how one can use WD-40 to remove the knife’s stains. But you have to keep in mind that WD-40 and is only best for the big knife. So, we will suggest you not use this process for the small knife.

Spray WD-40 

First of all, you have to sprinkle WD-40 toward the affected area and wait for some time.

Use Sandpaper

Now you have to rub the knife with the sandpaper. Mostly, in this part, you have to remove all the stains. But you have to be very careful when you rub the edge of the knife.

Clean the Knife 

Once you remove the stains, then you have to clean the knife properly. If you get still some stains, then rub gently and rewash the knife with water.

Natural Removal For Scratches 

We have mentioned some methods and items that you will get at your home quickly in the above. But if you go for the natural ways, then the below segments are for you. However, many people think that they need expensive solutions to remove the stains.

Here, we will suggest you try the natural methods once to remove the stains from the knife. So, you learned how to remove scratches from a knife blade with ease.

Potato Method

Firstly, we will talk about the potato method. Just take some slices of potato and rub them on the stains. Or you can keep the knife on the potato slice. After a few hours, you will get one stain-free knife.

Onion Method

You will be surprised to know that you can use onion to remove any type of stains. Onion is another natural stain remover. Mainly, it contains sulphenic acid that helps to remove the knife’s stain.

Now you can use onion to remove stains. Well, first of all, you have to take some slice of onion and then rub on the affected area. You have to repeat the same technique until the stains are removed.


That’s all about: how to remove scratches from the knife blade. At the end of this content, we hope that you will clean and remove your old know perfectly. But you have to take care of your knife regularly.

Mostly, you should not keep the knife unused for a long time. So, try to use an alternative knife every 15-days.


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