Vegetable Cleaver Vs Meat Cleaver

What Is The Difference Between Vegetable Cleaver Vs Meat Cleaver

In the debate of vegetable cleaver vs meat cleaver, both cleavers indeed play a vital role in cooking. Regardless of cooking meat dishes or vegetables, cleavers help you cut them precisely to make the cooking more enjoyable.

They’re not like the regular kitchen knives that you use. These cleavers come with multipurpose use. Also, they allow you to chop, cut, and mince different types of cooking items with ease.

Moreover, you can require different knives for various cooking ingredients when you utilize standard knives while chopping. As you already know, cleavers come in two different types, including vegetable cleavers and meat cleavers.

So, it’s also easy to understand the purposes of these two knives from their names. It’s not possible to select just one for these two types of kitchen tasks. In this context, we will make you know the difference and functions of these two types of knives.

It’s essential to understand their function to make your cooking simple. As a result, the article is just for you if you’re in hesitation that which of the cleavers can convene your requirements in your kitchen. Well, let’s get started knowing about vegetable cleaver vs meat cleaver.

Meat Cleaver

Meat Cleaver

As its name suggests, this type of cleaver has been designed to perform cutting tasks of larger pieces of meat smoothly. The best meat cleaver is the type of cleaver that comes with thicker blades that can cut thicker portions of meat along with cartilage and bones.

If you compare a meat cleaver with a vegetable cleaver, you’ll find a meat cleaver is a bit heavier than a vegetable cleaver. Meat cleavers usually comes in a feature of sharp edge with a rectangular shape.

You do not just use a meat cleaver to cut thicker pieces of meat; you can also chop hard veggies with ease. As the meat cleavers are heavier in weight, you can cut larger pieces of meat conveniently.

As a result, if you need to slice the meat while cooking, you should think about using a meat cleaver rather than ordinary kitchen knives.

Also, meat cleavers work well for home and commercial kitchen use. Usually, if you’re a professional chef and need to cut meat into smaller pieces, this meat cleaver is ideal for you. Moreover, you can use meat cleavers to cut the meat in different techniques than regular knives.

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For instance, you should follow the method to effectively deal with hard vegetables and boned meat into smaller pieces. But, you can’t want to go behind the cutting technique for delicate items. Besides, you can use its flat surface to smash cloves, garlic, and ginger.

Vegetable Cleaver

Vegetable Cleaver

When it comes to the best vegetable cleavers, they come with thin blades. So, they’re ideal for cutting vegetables with ease. These cleavers indeed appear such as the meat cleavers. But, they can’t work like meat cleavers indeed.

Vegetable cleavers are suitable for smashing ginger, garlic, and cloves while cooking better than a meat cleaver. Also, you can transfer the chopped items to the pan or bowl comfortably.

Moreover, you can cut fruits along with boneless meat using a vegetable cleaver effortlessly. As a vegetable cleaver is a bit lighter than a meat cleaver, you can’t utilize it for cutting the boned meat pieces.

As said by the vegetable-styled cleavers are two main types, including Japanese-style and Chinese-style. If you look at the Chinese vegetable cleaver, you’ll find it is the same as the meat clever in appearance.

Also, they’re multifunctional, while Japanese-styled vegetable cleaver has typically used for cutting vegetables. So, you can utilize vegetable cleavers efficiently if you’re seeking a multifunctional cleaver to hack all kinds of catering ingredients without bones and meat.

Moreover, if you have a vegetable cleaver in your kitchen, it can reduce the use of some other ordinary kitchen knives. It’s because this allows you to cut many items handily.

Advantages of a Vegetable Cleaver

So, you have realized what makes vegetable cleavers different from meat cleavers. It’s the height of their blades. The height of the meat cleaver’s blade is 5 to 6 inches. It comes with a 2 to 3 inches height blade when it comes to the vegetable cleaver.

Although this height makes them easy to maneuver, they have the powerful punch from a mostly designed blade. The flat and large blades of these cleavers make them suitable for cleaning the cutting board when cutting tasks.

It just requires scraping your waste off the board to direct into the trash. It needs some whacks to crack down to open a coconut using the flat back of your cleaver. This cleaver is affordable in price and user-friendly, along with easy to sharpen.

Also, you can chop entirely harder items using this cleaver like pineapples and melons. And you already know that you can crush ginger and garlic using this cleaver the right way.

Advantages of a Meat Cleaver

It’s time to talk about the advantages of meat cleavers. It’s believed that most chefs get this meat cleaver scary in the starting to chop meat utilizing it. It’s because this is a very sharp cleaver to cut meat with ease.

However, indeed, they’re very dull that assists in hacking the meat without difficulty. You can use this cleaver to separate ribs and bones that may be tough to do with a standard cutting knife you use in the kitchen.

As a result, its practice has extended to squeezing ginger, garlic and moving chopped items to the cooking bowl or pan. Also, its design as the meat cleaver plays a vital role in the performance. As everyone likes to get compactness and comfort, you’ll get all of them in this cleaver.

Since the cleaver has a different design, it helps you to chop meat and bones with ease. And it’s easy to separate meat from bones. Most importantly, its blade comes with tested laser sharpness that would be wider for a comfortable and smoother cut-through bone.

With a tempering range of 58HRC, this blade has made with strong stainless steel. As a result, the blade of the cleaver neither buckles nor bends while cutting.

The Bottom Line

This is all about vegetable cleaver vs meat cleaver. You might be confused when it’s time to select a cleaver from vegetable and meat cleavers. It’s because both of their appearances are the same.

But, you’ll understand the differences when you’ll use them. When it comes to meat cleavers, they’re flexible knives that you can use for cutting everything from meat to bone with ease.

However, if you go with a vegetable cleaver, you can chop almost all types of veggies and fruits without cutting meat and bone into smaller pieces. So, it would help if you decided which one you’ll choose from.

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